Frequently Used Terms

ACC Alameda Corridor Charge
AGS Aden Gulf Surcharge
AMS Automated Manifest System
AWS (RIPI) All Water Service (East Coast)
BAF Bunker Adjustment Factor
BOF Basic Ocean Freight
BSC Bunker Surcharge
BUC Bunker Fuel Surcharge
CAF Currency Adjustment Factor
CDDC / ACI Custom Declaration Surcharge / Advanced Cargo Information
CFS Container Freight Station (LCL Loads Only)
CHS Chassis Surcharge
CPC Chassis Provision Charge
CUC Chassis Usage Charge
CY Container Yard
DDC Destination Delivery Charge
DDP Delivery Duties Paid
DDU Delivery Duties Unpaid
DOC Documentation Fees
Drop and Pull Store Door delivery service includes one round trip dray to Merchant’s facility (door).  Drop and Pull (Drop and Pick)
DTHC Destination THC / Destination Receiving Charge
EBS Emergency Bunker Surcharge
ERC Emergency Revenue Charge
EXW Exit Works (Factory)
FBC Floating Bunker Charge
FCL Full Container Loads
FEU Forty-Foot Equivalent
FOB Freight on Board
FR Flat Rack
FTL Full Truck Load
GRI General Rate Increase
HBL House Bill of Lading
IAF Intermodal Adjustment Factor
IT In Transit
LCL Less Than Container
MBL Master Bill of Lading
MLB (IPI) Mini Land Bridge (West Coast)
NVO Non-Vessel Operator
OAC Overland Additional Charge
OCP Overland Container Port
ORC Origin Receiving Charge
OT Open Top
OTHC Origin THC / Origin Receiving Charge
PCT Panama Canal Transfer
PRC People’s Republic of China
PSC Port Security Charge
PSS Peak Season Surcharge
RCS Reefer Consumption Surcharge
RRI Rate Restoration Initiative
Security Destination Destination Terminal Security Charge
Security Origin Origin Terminal Security Charge
SPS Shanghai Port Surcharge
TEU Twenty-Foot Equivalent
THC Terminal Handling Charge
VAT Value Added Tax
WRS War Risk Surcharge