What GSA Can Do For You

Unlike NVOs who use spot market rates to coordinate and deal with the ocean carriers, GSA signs contracts directly with the ship lines. This enables GSA to eliminate any guesswork, allowing us to create accurate quotes and to provide lower delivery costs to our customers.

In addition, the direct shipper’s contract ensures that Association members’ freight is loaded onto ships with care and priority. History proves that direct shipper’s contracts take priority over NVO freight. Our contracts take the merchandise from the loading port to the customer’s door.

Global Shippers Association is your home furnishings importing specialist. While your current volume may not justify signing a service contract for your home furnishing imports, joining GSA will give the benefits of having your own contract.

What makes GSA Different?

What does it mean to join GSA? Here are some of the benefits you can expect:

  • Direct Service Contracts. You are listed on the service contract as a member of the association, which gives you priority service.
  • Single Bill of Lading (MBL). A Master Bill of Lading (MBL) is issued by the carrier, which will reduce the issues of missing or lost House Bill of Lading (HBL).
  • Group Negotiations. Group negotiations allow not only lower rates, but also let you receive other benefits, such as longer free time and caps on surcharges.
  • Consistent Pricing. Global Shippers Association keeps your pricing consistent throughout the year, making your costs easier to manage.
  • Loading Priority. Because you are listed on the service contract, you are the steamship lines’ customer, and are therefore given priority loading.